Sunday, 5 March 2017

Heath & Safety derails Paddy's gang's sleep over

Paddy's gang of geriatric Lib Dem Lords had planned a sleep over this week on their amendmnt to the Bill to trigger the start of Brexit negotions. Camp beds and sleeping bags had been ordered so the Lib Dems could be on hand through te night to sabotage any Government moves to geld their amendment.

But oh dear the HoL authorities have said this would contravene 'elf and safety regulations which of course the Lib Dems are jolly keen on. William did not have this to contend with when running his Outlaws gang at least according to Richmal Crompton. Paddy is just plain unlucky.  Napoleon would therefore never have put Paddy in charge of anything. So back to the plotting board for Paddy's gang.

On a more serious note this amendment if passed would torpedo our PMs negotiating position with the EU who would see they were not dealing with HMG but the geriatric Lords. May would have to call a General Election. That may be what the Lib Dems want but it would wipe out  the Labour party so comrade Corbyn will whip his troops to support T May. Jezza is not that stupid..

The big nasty problem for T May is in North Paddy land where she inherits a huge problem created by the great warmonger Blair.


Anonymous said...

Aren't all the great problems rooted in the Bliar years?

Eric Edmond said...

Yes Blair was a disaster for our countery