Saturday, 4 March 2017

Paddy the Plotter

On 12th Feb I wrote a blog,

I quote from that blog,

"The LibDems love plotting to try and keep us in  their beloved EU."

It was very satisfying to read in the Times  today a confirmatory comment piece by Matt Chorley entitled, " Message to Tony and the Davos dinosaurs:" which broadens the scope of the plot from the LibDems to include Mandy, Osborne, Major & Tony.

As Mr Chorley puts it: George has dinner with Tony, Tony talks to Peter and also to Nick. And Nick likes seeing John as well as Paddy. By day they scrape by on scraps from the corporate lecture circuit and royalties from unread memoirs. 

"But together Osborne, Blair, Mandelson, Clegg, Major and Ashdown are plotting one last bid for the big time; one final campaign todelay, agitate,maybe even block Brexit.

They have even talked about a new political party, called the Democrats"

Pure Goebbels, get the big lie in first. These has beens maybe many things but Donald Trump has a much better claim to the title, Democrat, than that bunch of bitter political rejects.

Time has moved on and left them like beached whales trapped in an inlet when the tide goes out. 


Anonymous said...

Do I sense project fear being revived. Car jobs, bank jobs et al in question. All sorts of uncertainties and difficulties being raised causing concern for many in the hope of changing our minds.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes, they are just trying to re-run the Referendum.

What I would like to know is who bankrolled the Miller woman's cort actions

Anonymous said...

Suggest those most likely to gain most.

Eric Edmond said...

Big business wil gain most from a reversal of the referendum. Look at where surge in LibDem donations is coming from.