Thursday, 2 March 2017

Posturing self important Peers are the enemies of our country

There used to be a joke in our village of Norton Sub Hamdon from where Paddy takes his title that if you got on to Paddy's phone answering machine the messge said, "Please leave your message after the high moral tone"

That was the message yesterday from our posturing peers pumped up with their own importance, on TV, parading their principles and moral standards they claim to love. All they love is the sound of their own voices, the £300 a day they get for sleeping on the benches, their free car parking space and subsidised boozy lunches.

They are stabbing our PM in the back and trying to make her negotiation with the EU over Brexit as difficult as possible. They remind me of Lord Halifax and his cronies who tried to stab Churchill in the back in 1939 and would have welcomed 'strong' rule by Hitler. just as the Europhiles now adayswelcome rule by Brussels.

Theresa May is our PM and deserves our support against the EU which does do not wish us well. She is working in very difficult circumstances with our Quisling peers. I did not see any of them declaring an interest in their support of the EU.

I liked Tebbit pointing out we had saved Europe from Philip of Spain, Naploeon, Kaiser Bill and Hitler. He asked ,'When did they ever save us?' That is what we should remember and why we should not guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK until the EU countries unanimously guarantee the rights of our citizens in the EU.

All the Lib Dems etc say is just excuses. Their reason is of course to obstruct and derail Brexit and reverse the referendum vote. They want to re-run 23rd June

Entering a negotiation is no time to be giving hostages to fortune.

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