Sunday, 19 March 2017

Two big Remoaners Lies

The first is if David Davies does not get a 'deal' from the EU we will crash out of the so called single market onto WTO rules and burn in Lib Dem hell listening to a Farron loop for all eternity worse than the punishment Zeus meted out to Prometheus. I doubt if Farron knows what the 'single' market is. Its ceratainly not a market in the meaning of common parlance, rather a set of regulations on things like the size of toothpaste tubes and it does not cover services which is the majority of UK trade. It is a term coined by John Major and used by him Brown and war criminal Blair to try and disguise their historic incompetence and preserve their negative 'legacy' and thus ensure their lucrative lecture engagements continue to roll in.

 During last year's referendum campaign the Remainers repeatedly claimed over 40 % of our trade was with the EU. This is an overestimate in my opinion but for the sake of argument let us accept this figure So what rules did the other 60% of our trade use. Answer WTO as does  93% of the non-EU world. ( P Ashdown please note). Its simple arithmetic 100 lesss 40 leaves 60.

On this 60% of  WTO trade we run a slight balance of payments surplus. On the remaining 40%  we have a trade defict of almost 90 bn. a large chunk of which is with the Germans. I doubt if Dr Frau Merkel would be allowed by German industry to close down this lucrative trade that keeps over a million Germans employed making motor cars for the UK market.

Yet the Renoaners given great publicity by the BBC still rabbit on about how much we willl lose if  Merkel is not nice to us andd we 'have' to  go to WTO rules. The opposite is the truth. Its the EU that will lose big time, 90bn euro.

As well WTO rules cut both ways so the price of German goods will go up and the volume fall. I do not think this is desirable but if the EU choose to play hard ball they will lose far more than we will. The best solution is as suggeted by Patrichk Minford, abolish tariffs altogether on all trade which benefits Joe Public hugely but of course the French will never allow it but if we are outside the EU their views do not matte one jot.

To change the subject I am apppalled a small contigent British troops are to be sent to the Baltic. Thats how WWI and WWII starte. Keep our boys and girls at home and let the EU deploy its Eurocrat army to Lithuania etc. That will really frighten the Russians.

Our politicians should devote all their efforts to supporting our PM Mrs May.


Kevin Renson said...

STILL not a peep out of our foreign enemy Trump's cunt-puppet Farage to come to our country's defence in the face of his vile master's lies about our security services.

By his shitty deafening silence, Farage the cunt is making it quite clear that he serves our foreign enemy, not our country. Farage the cunt values the dishonesty of his foreign puppetmaster above the interests of our country. Farage the cunt, by standing aside in shitty cowardice as his dishonest foreign cunt-puppetmaster deliberately destabilizes the safety and security of our country with his Russian-fuelled lies about those tasked with ensuring it, is guilty of TREASON. Farage the cunt is a TRAITOR.

The punishment for treason is capital. Farage the cunt and traitor must HANG. Farage is a cunt.

Anonymous said...

@Kevin Rebson,

That incoherent, rambling rant says so much about you.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree with Anon. I wish Renson would stop from posting his foul mouthed rants on my blog. I do not wish to moderate commnts but I will do so if Renson persists with these irrelevant comments. He and his ilk sre the enemies of free speech.

Kevin Renson said...

Please tell me how my comments are irrelevant on a blog that calls itself UKIP Truth. If you demonstrate this to be a validly held title for your blog, I will be the first to applaud you, but if you choose to turn a blind eye to the fact that the man who led UKIP for many years, and who is still by far its most prominent figure, is in thrall to a foreign leader who has decided to launch a mendacious attack on our country's security services, and if you dismiss anyone who has the temerity to draw attention to this fact as irrelevant, then I would suggest that the title of your blog is unmerited and if you are honest to yourself and to your readers it is a title you ought to change.

I simply do not understand why on the one hand you call yourself a patriot who wants to get his country back and then on the other hand when a foreign president attacks our country's security services with blatant lies, you refuse to be drawn on the matter. It is beyond parody that you then describe me as the enemy of free speech for raising the matter in the face of the cowardly silence of Farage and indeed of yourself and in the face of threats of censorship from yourself to ensure this issue is hushed up. You have a funny way of showing yourself as a friend of free speech, Mr Edmond.

On the charge of offensive language, however, on reflection you are right. I have used the same offensive word repeatedly in my posts and I apologize if you are offended by it. In future, instead of writing the full word, I promise to mask it with asterisks and just write "F**age".

(PS - to the person posting courageously as Anonymous, I'm afraid I rather doubt that anything in writing, from anybody, can say much to you, when you manage to demonstrate your inability to post even a very short comment without making a silly mistake. That banal effort does indeed say much about your own level of ability. Keep trying! :D )

Niall Warry said...

Swearing NEVER strengthens one case as you now appear to appreciate.