Friday, 21 April 2017

EU is interfering in our General Election

Yesterday another dodgy mid European,Italian Antonio Tajani, President of the EU talking shop,  turned up at No10 saying Britain would be welcomed back into the EU if voters change their minds. He was also saying that the EU medicines agency and finance would be removed from the UK and we would have to pay the costs of the relocation move. The latter is something no British PM could possibly agree to. but its all part of the EU nice guy, nasty guy strategy to soften us up pr- negotiation which the EU of course deny is even happening. It is also a blatant attempt to interfere in our General Election.

He also prattled on about protecting the rights of EU citizens in the UK and vice versa. All well and good except he said that these EU citizens living in the UK he says would live under EU law administered by the ECJ and would have the human right to bring in their relatives and this  would a red line in the Brexit negotiations. This is as MrTajani must know is impossible for HMG to accede to. It is merely a ploy to give the Lib Dems and their fellow travellers another excuse to blather on about poor stressed EU immigrants living in the UK. We live under British law in the UK with no exceptions for Muslims, Italians or any other group. Its the only way a country can run. The UK saying is , "When in Rome do as the Romans do". That should not be too difficult for an  Italian to grasp.

There was also the usual EU guff about how we would have to pay in to the EU coffers ad nauseam. Its all a scare story to panic the UK electorate. Despicable.

I cannot see much wrong with WTO trade rules. If they are good enough for 93% of the non-EU world trade why is it not good enough for the EU? The answer is the EU is not really interested in trade its obsession is to become a country like  the USA. That will never happen. History is all against it.  Why not recognise this and tell them we will use WTO rues from June 2019? It would spare us endless Remoaner drivel from Farron etc

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Kevin Renson said...

Far*ge the chicken is clusterfucked! LOL

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