Tuesday, 18 April 2017

UKIP outlook in Brexit General election is dire

I have no doubt T May's principal reason in calling this election was Labour weakness. Its not a done deal until the 2/3 majority vote goes through tomorrow. Turkeys do not vote for Xmas and there are a lot of turkeys on the Labour benches who might abstain or vote against to save their own necks. The other result will be to wipe out UKIP. I doubt Nigel will even stand. UKIP has been poorly led and now the ordinary decent members must pay the price of blind support for NF. They should have demanded far reaching party management reforms to ensure they can fight elections as well as the Lib Dems will fight this one. There were to many arse lickers at the top of UKIP for this to happen.

The Lib Dems are of course well pleased and I think they might well win a few more seats, up to 10 possibly but if Labour lose 80 to the Tories the LibDems will be what they have always been, an irrelevance. UKIP can be proud that it got and won our referendum on leaving the EU an achievement of such a magnitude that Golum Farron can never equal.

The SNP are spiiting blood. Its put their pathetic second referendum campaign well and truly on the back burner.

I hope Tory Central office sort out, ie deselect their awkward EU loving squad, starting with the Soubry woman. I do hope Bunter Clarke stands down at last. Its a pity about Postie Johnson he was a nice guy.

Its a bold move by the Vicar's daughter that deserves to succeed. Its also another one in the eye for the Westminster commentariat. Who pays these ill informed useless people ?

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