Monday, 8 May 2017

EU's Brexit position

It is outline here in a splendid piece from Bloomberg. Its compulsory reading for all those who want to get control of our country back.

I quote a few of the more ludicrous EU negotiation starting points:

The U.K. will get a shock if it thinks assuring citizens’ rights will be straight forward. The EU has a long list of rights it wants to see protected for what officials say are around 4.5 million EU citizens living in the U.K. and British people living in the EU, and many more who have moved back to their home countries after accumulating rights.
The message to Britain is clear: the EU wants those people to “live their lives as if Brexit never happened,” according to one EU official
An EU citizen living in Britain, having acquired pre-Brexit rights, should have recourse to Europe’s courts if not satisfied with a British Supreme Court decision, the mandate says.
The ECJ also should have a role in ensuring the U.K. pays the agreed bill as well as enforcing the agreement as a whole.
“Whenever EU law is concerned, for example with regard to citizens, we must rely in the long term on the EU Court of Justice,” Barnier said.

Brexit means... some EU nuclear waste becomes U.K. nuclear waste

I can understand why T May wants to be reasonable to placate our 5th colunist Lib Dems etc but what is the point of negotiating such impossible demands with a counterparty that does not want a settlement but only to humiliate the UK.
The idea that EU nationals living in the UK will live under the jurisdiction of the ECJ is exactly what we voted against in our referendum as the Eurocrats well know. Would they grant the right of US citizens working in the EU to be judged by US judges? Of course not. The whole idea is clearly a wrecking tactic and is one of many the EU will deploy as the Greek Yanis found out.  His advice is do not negotiate with the EU. Look what happened to Greece. 
Far bettter immediately after the June General election to repeal the ECA of 72/73 which gives supremacy to EU law in the UK over British law. Get rid of this and everything else falls into place. The EU are not interested in trade or peoples jobs and wel being. Their's is a purely political agenda. The want to retain power over us and our country. The sooner May recognises this the better. There is no deal to be had with the EU. It is only an EU delaying tactic. They are not negotiating in good faith.
We have nothing to fear on trading under WTO rules indeed the EU uses exactly these rules to trade with non EU countries. The so called single market is nothing of the kind. It benefits the Germans much more than us and it is the Germans that will lose most when we go to WTO rules.
If any EU national does not want to live and work under British law then they are perfectly free to return to their country of origin taking their family with them. There is an old saying, 'When in Rome do as the Romans do'. It predates and trumps the Treaty of Rome.
Their demand to live under their own laws is just like Muslims wanting to live under Sharia law. No country can have different sets of laws for different groups of inhabitants. What happens when these laws clash? Civil war aided by foreign governments would be the outcome.
If you live and work in the UK you live under and accept British law administered by British courts.


L fairfax said...

Sounds similar to what Putin wants for Russians who live in former Soviet States.
I am sure the BBC will attack this

Eric Edmond said...

Exactly right Mr Fairfax. Gorbochov saw the EU as a USSR reincarnation