Sunday, 7 May 2017

More Referendums please

Just back from Tenerife. Distance does help getting things into perspective.  The most important effect of Scottish and Brexit referendums was to reduce the overweaning power of political parties and force politicians to listen to the people and act on the views of the populace. The political elite especially the PPE types do not like it and will of course drag their feet on enacting what ordinary people want but the momentum is with us and we must make the most of it.

Labour's establishement would have been very happy to collect their 45 or so Scotttish seats every 5 years and collect their parliamentary expenses, gongs seats in the Lords (more expenses) and have their fake fights with the Tories and the Lib Dems. The effect of the Scottish referendum in the subsequent General Election was to reduce Labour and Lib Dems to one seat each in Scotland plus one Tory.

Even in the subsequent General Election when we had a Tory Lib Dem coaltion,  the long term parliamentary main effect was to ensconce 100 Lib Dem peers in the Lords at our expense for the rest of their  incredibly long lifetimes. I had to retire age 60 from the Bank of England but the Lords can continue forever boring us with their irrelevant rejected views.  but boy do they love the sound of their own voices

Our two referendums have started to change this cosy system. Now the Tories have to confront the Scot Nats with their own bloody awful woman in a real bitch fight. The Nats, who do not want seats in the House of Lords, cannot be manipulated  so easily as those like Farage craving to be Lords, Barons and Dames and worse, the Nats  actually believe in, and want to enact, their core policies. This is anathema to our political elite who are so quick to extol the vitrues of our Burkian parliiamentary system whose representaives claims to represent the people but have no obligation to enact the people's wishes. This ensures they can stay on the gravy train all their days without meeting ordinary people too often. Life has gotten harder for such as these, the political elite, and it iis up to us the people to make it harder still. Having more Referendums is the only way I know to keep the political elite as our servants, not our masters. It  has worked for the Swiss for hundreds of years.

I cannot finish without pointing out to my neighbour P Ashdown that he can comment on this blog free and unedited if what I write he objects to. I do not care for being lectured by him on the importance of keeping private conversations private. He has obviously confused me with his EU friend Juncker for whom the Lib Dem leader Farron seems to have developed a strong admration.


Niall Warry said...

I glad you have the balls not to be koytowed by the very pompous and supercilious Paddy Pants Down.

Eric Edmond said...

Back for lunch now.