Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester Bombing

I feel real anger about our children being killed in their own country by a Muslim fanatic. It  is time we stood up for our children's right to life and worried a great deal less about Muslim's human rights. What are our so called political leaders going to do about it? Is actions and plans we want not meaningless words from the liberal elite grandstanding on TV.

More security is clearly not the answer because the security perimeter has to end somewhere and queues of innocent people gather there and provide a soft target for Muslim fanatics. Our political leaders and Royals have close protection but that obviously cannot be extended to every one. It is however time this well protected elite does something to protect Joe Public and his children from these religous fanatics and worry less about  their liberal media image and offending Muslims and other pressure groups. They exist to be easily offended and generate as many false grievances that they can.

In short we are going to have to worry about defending the rights of the many not the vociferous few as Jezza might put it. So get on with it Mrs May and the country will support you excluding of course the Guardian readers and their fellow travellers but they are of no consequence electorally..

Its also time for Christian leaders to stand up for Christianity and worry less about other religous groups. How many Christians have been murdered in Pakistan?. Why is carrying a Bible a criminal offence in Saudi? Answers to the most incredibly naive Justin Welby, Lambeth Palace, London SE1.

We have to stand up for our way of life. Silent vigils and protests are not enough.

Tim Marshal has just tweeted:

UK threat level raised to critical. Suggests info gleaned today suggests Manchester attack connected to a cell and more attacks possible.

I would replace the word possible with certain.

Reported this morning, Wednesday, that public tours of the Houses of Parliament have been suspended. This is not carrying on as usual so why is this happening? There are no MPs or Government ministers there just now. Many school trips, UK and EU children have been let down for what?

Here is a brilliant piece from the Conservative Woman that encapsulates much of what the many think and the few choose to ignore.


.Well said Ms Gyngell!


Stephen Harness said...

The silence from the religious leaders is deafening. When will one of them state that their is no forgiveness for the this sort of heinous act. When will one of them stand up and say these idiots will face damnation in hell for all eternity. Probably never because their business is forgiveness. I am a christian but my code is "The kingdom of heaven is in all men". Luke I think. While there are people stupid enough to believe in an afterlife, something beyond proof no matter what religion gets you through the night, these suicide atrocities will continue.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Mr Harness. We need the Archbishop to stand up for Christianity and not worry about Muslims who are not Christians.