Thursday, 25 May 2017

Thoughts on UKIP's manifesto

I have been very despondent about UKIP's future but thought Nuttall made a good fist of launching and defending UKIP's election manifesto. It has some good policies that will appeal to the voters.
 Here is the Daily Telegraph's summmary

The only own goal I can see is the call to

Replace first past the post with a proportional electoral system. 

This is very dangerous as it will hand perpetual power to the Lib Dems who will have the balance of power in most futuire parliament. I see endlesss Nick Cleggs stretching into the future with a rock solid guaranteee he would have us back in the EU asap. I have a lot of time for Ms Evans who wrote UKIP's manifesto but it has to be carefullly nuanced and qualified other wise it hands power in perpetuity to the Lib Dems.

The other part of this call is

Abolish the House of Lords. 

That is easy but what if anything to replace it with? More homework Ms Evans!

The other points are good vote winners as is Ms Evans who acquitted herself very well under an uncharacteristically petulant attack from Brillo on today's Daily politics.

I particularly like the commitment to scrap HS2. I would have added replace it with a
high speed trans - Pennnine link , Liverpool, Manc, Leeds/Hull Newcastle. That woul get lots of votes up North and generate a read Northern Powerhouse.

Otherwise its a very good manifesto and I congratulate Ms Evans on writing it. Its now time for UKIP to get out and sell it on the doorsteps an d I hope Mr Farage will do his bit in this task.

Here is the Labour supporting Daily Mirror aka Maguire press take on UKIP's manifesto

I hope the link below hits Nuttall's speech


A good speech from Nuttall hitting all the right points. UKIP got it right. I feel more cheerful now about UKIP's electoral prospects. It won't be good but it won't be a totall wipe out.


L fairfax said...

I disagree with you about PR, the Lib Dems did worse in the last 3 European Elections than UKIP which were held under PR.
The Lib Dems could easily get their vote going to UKIP and the Greens under PR.

Eric Edmond said...

Its a long held Lib Dem wish so it cannot be good for the rest of us. That's why we had the pointless AV referendum to smooth Lib Dem feathers.

L fairfax said...

Just because they want it, doesn't mean that it will be good for them. Thatcher wanted the Poll Tax but it was not good for her.

Eric Edmond said...

OK Mr Fairfax lets go back to my original point it will end up with the Lib Dems holding the balance of power. European elections are not fought on domestic issues. PR wil generate party list non=entities like Nuttall as MPs

L fairfax said...

In 2015 it would have probably let UKIP hold the balance of power. However the correct question is not whether a) or b) would do well, but "Would PR let the people of the UK have a government which reflects their views better than now?" I think in combination with it being easier to call referenda the answer is yes.

Eric Edmond said...

Maybe in 2015 but in 2017 UKIP is a busted flush.

L fairfax said...

sadly true but maybe not under PR, the great thing about PR the Tories couldn't say "Don't vote UKIP/Lib Dem etc or Labour will get in" - they would have to explain why they are better than all other parties not just Labour. That would give us more choice which is normally a good thing.

Stephen Harness said...

I suggested PR because UKIP needed a new campaign to replace BREXIT. The present system is bust, however PR will only ever be a campaign because turkeys do not vote for Christmas.
Tried 10 seconds of Nuttal and then had to switch off.

Eric Edmond said...

I don't blame you for switching off Nuttall. The North West Kippers did not want him in 2009 as their MEP. They wanted Beaman who came first in the polls but was 'persuaded' to stand down in favour of the Scouser