Monday, 29 May 2017

More Lib Dem deceit

Clegg wants you to pay for Lib Dem candidates. He of course is not prepared to put his hand in his own pocket or his wealthy wife, s handbag, She avoids attaching the name Cleg to her media utterances. Its bad for a successful lawyer to be linked even matrimonially to an electoral loser hence she prefers her maiden name Miriam Gonzales Durantes.

Click below to read the details as published by the Daily Mail

I heard on R4, the voice of the Lib Dems, this morning that dear old Paddy is also involved in this Lib Dem deceit high moral tone and all A lot of hot air from Paddy of being non partisan and supporting only good candidates with one proviso, they must love the EU.

Also Clegg is back on the media this morning scaremongering that leaving the EU cuts of our links to anti terrorist databases. Complete bollocks from the party that is a stranger to reality.

Time for the Lib Dems to accept they lost the referendum and the argument last June. Their present whingeing only encourages Herrr Juncker and the EU  commission fed on a constant stream of pro EU BBC propaganda that the UK electorate were somehow conned into voting for Brexit and that the Britsh people want to be ruled by the EU and will eventually beg forgiveness from Tusk, Merkel etc. So the Lib Dems are ensuring the EU will offer us no deal worthy of the name but they have not thought what will happen to our country if this happens. Much has been made of how Islamic radicals hate this country that succours them. I see little difference between Lib Dems and Islamic radicals. Both hate the UK's liberal tolerant attitudes, both want their perverted views imposed on us and both put the interests of a foreign power above our democratically elected government. For the Lib Dems that is Brussels and for UK Islamics the ISIS caliphate. Both groups are traitors. One kills our children and the other wants us to be German slaves.

Both are minority groups led by fanatics.

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Stephen Harness said...

I wonder when Clegg is going to apologise now that he has been proved so wrong on his claims over the future security issues between the UK and remaining EU countries?