Saturday, 10 June 2017

May has just cost us Brexit

I write just after the news of the resignation of Tim and FiFi broke. Their resignations might buy May a little time but she will still have to go. The Tories certainly don't want another General Election immediately. That will just hand victory to Labour who will ditch Brexit asap.

I am not going to examine the causes of May's shambolic election campaign. She is a typical head girl who sticks her head in the sand, can never take advice and can never admit she is wrong.

Can Brexit be saved. Probably not. I however suggest a few feasibe quick actions that will give us a slight chance of rescuing something from the disaster.

I would strongly advise against any sort of written agreement with the DUP.There is no point in giving hotages to fortune. Rule as a minority government and challenge them to vote the government down and give the IRA murderer apologist Corbyn a chance of Downing.

Immediatel implement the long delayed boundary commission recommendations to reduce the number of MPs to 600 and redraw constituancy boundaries to create more equal sized constituencies. That will shift aroun 20 seats from Labour to the Tories.

Compile a list of reliable Tory Brexiters to go to the Lords and make it perfectly clear to their Lordships if they thwart the will of the people thes nominees will be ennobled immediaely. Enoble Farage and make him Brexit spokesman in the Lords.

Forget about grammar schools, abandon the dementia tax and reduce corporation tax for small business.

Properly cost the Labour party manifesto.

Cancel University tuirion fees for STEM subjects but keep fees for all other courses especially law courses.

Pay for STEM student fees by reducing our foreign aid to a fixed total of £5bn maximum. Scrap DFID and put the wotk back to the FCO.

Personally I would like to see Michael Gove as our next PM. He has impecable working class and academic credentials, has real integrity and believes in Brexit.


geebeetwo said...

Gove might be bright ,he might have impeccable judgement but he has definitely managed to conceal all these attributes in almost everything he has done. He is sadly, an idiot who looks like an idiot.
Which leaves who,Davies ,maybe ,at least hel looks and sounds like someone who isn't going to buy silly trousers or make fool of himself.

Kevin Renson said...

You comment elsewhere about realpolitik yet here you talk about immediately implementing the boundary changes as though the Tories can possibly implement them just like that in the party's newly-compromised position.
If you'd bothered to do the most simple research before making such a daft suggestion, you would have found out that the DUP upon whom the Tories now depend are implacably opposed to the Boundary Commission's proposals for Northern Ireland. Wondering whether or not that would be the case, I googled "boundary commission DUP" and found the answer in about ten seconds. Pity you didn't have the gumption to do the same.

The Tories will no doubt regret not pushing through the boundary changes when they had the majority to do so, but now it's too late and even their new DUP friends are opposed.

It's called realpolitik, a word you like to quote about but clearly don't have a clusterfucking clue about LOL

Kevin Renson said...

The great sage of Somerset is muted into silence after his stupidity is exposed!

No response from you because you can't respond when you have been so comprehensively clusterfiucked!

Using polite words like clusterfucking from the Niall Warry Dictionary Of Non-Swearing is clearly not enough, so this time I will have to use a more offensive word (partially censored, of course) and say you are a clusterfucking Far*ge! LOL

Eric Edmond said...

Wait and see

Eric Edmond said...

Mr Renson can you post what the expected effect of proposed NI boundary changes will be.

Kevin Renson said...

For clusterfuck's sake, it's not difficult. All you've got to do is GOOGLE; I even gave you the words to google in a previous post (as if those words should need spelling out either). But as you still don't seem capable of working it out for yourself, try this:

You'll find it all there, both the Boundary Commission's proposals and the DUP's negative reaction to them.

Don't say I don't ever do anything to help you!

I must be going clusterfucking soft in my old age LOL

Eric Edmond said...

Thank you Mr Renson. Irish politics has been a quagmire since the days of Irish tenannt farmers rights pre Gladstone. Its not a place to go. You can Google that.

At least I did get Mr Gove's return was on the cards.

Keep posting on my blog!