Thursday, 8 June 2017

We need allies in our fight against the EU

The US defeated the British forces in the American War of Independence in 1781 when Cornwallis surrendered the British army to George Washington's US army. Cornwalllis expected the British Navy to sail up Chesapeake Bay with reinforcements and supplies. They were prevented from doing this by the French navy who had earlier that year defeated the British fleet. The basis was the earlier in 1778 when France recognised the US as an independent state and signed the Treaty of Alliance. The US had a strong ally. There were more French troops involved in the war than native US troops. The US could never have defeated the British without French assistance on land and sea and we will need Russia to defeat Brussels.

France was then the obvious ally for the US to seek against the Brits. Today our obvious ally against the EU is Russia. Make no mistake we are in an economic war with the EU to win our freedom which has been given away by our craven politicians and self serving diplomats. This has to reversed and we must seek an understanding with Russia just as Donald Trump is doing for the US.

The EU only exists because the Russians defeated Hitler's Germany. The Russians lost 30 million people in WWII and  many more millions to Napoleon's France in 1812. They have good reason to mistrust the Franco Prussin dominated EU.

Britain should return to its traditional role of holding the balance of power in Europe to rein in France & Germany. The only way to achieve this is to be friends Russia as we have been or over 200 years except for the Crimean War. Russia has always been a major European power on a par with France, Germany and ourselves

The FCO should be instructed to seek better relations with Russia and stop villifying Putin, Allowing an EU/Franco Prussian army in Eastern Ukraine will rightly antagonise Russia. If Ukraine is allowed to join the EU it will be very dangerous and run the risk of European war that we should stay well out of..

Russsia should be our ally. We have many interests in common.If we do not want to be ruled by Brussels then it is in our interests to cosy up to Putin as Trump is doing to further US interests. Better Putin than the religous nutters of the so callled Islamic state and the Brussels bureaucrats robbing us blind..


Kevin Renson said...

Clusterfucking bonkers.

Eric Edmond said...

Nope, realpolitik

Kevin Renson said...

Nope, clusterfucking bonkers.