Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Political Elite won't let us leave the EU

Let us be clear at the start voters knew that leaving the EU encompassed:

leaving the so called single market which is anyway incomplete to our disadvantage and requires free movement of people. The original Common Market aim was free movement of labour. The difference is the latter is for people coming to work and the former includes those coming to claim benefits, heath care etc. Leaving therefore allows us to control our borders and choose immigrants who can benfit our country as they do in OZ, NZ, USA

leaving the customs union which is a protectionist trade group and anti-free trade set up to protest various EU interest groups like farmers, cobblers etc. It prohibits us from doing our own trade deals.

leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court which is a corrupt political court set up to further the aims of the EU. English common law is the basis on which the City of London stands. It includes Euro derivative contracts & settlement. Change that to Euro law and no one will want to trade derivatives in Europe. (Ask why has Dieselgate not been prosecuted by the EU in the ECJ and mutiply the answer by 100 to get the effect of shifting Euro Settlement to Paris etc)

Then ask why we have a nonstop deluge of former political failures, Heseltine, Major, Cameron etc on the BBC. Answer it has been relaunched as the Brexit Blocking Corporation of the EU. Ask how much money the BBC gets from the EU every year. You won't get an answer, they claim journalistic immunity. Is there a similar waiver for propaganda? What is the difference between journalism and propaganda?

Ask how much our former PMs get from EU funded boon doodles, speeches and how EU funded business etc. As always follow the money and it will lead you to the truth

Our whole political and business establishment has much to lose financially if we leave the EU and move to a more open system. Why is Branson a non-dom domiciled on a West Indian Island.? Its not just for the sun the tax climate is so refreshing.

Remember those proposing a soft Brexit, whatever it means, want to keep us in the EU. They are voting with their wallet. Keep faith with Brexit and the will of the British people


Stephen Harness said...

The BBC should be transparent about EU funding but as always, follow the money. However, surely it is the EU Commercial Policy that determines trade deals and not the Custom Union. Leaving the EU to a 'soft' Brexit would allow the UK to withdraw from the Commercial Policy as well as the Custom Union, even if we stay in the Single Market?

Eric Edmond said...

Staying in the Single market means accepting free movement of people and the jurisdiction of the ECJ

Stephen Harness said...

Tis true. However we have done a pretty bad job of eliminating immigration from outside the European Union.