Friday, 16 June 2017

Theresa May now has nothing to lose. She should stand up for what she believes in.

Mrs May is clearly finished in the Tory party. In that I agree with Gideon Osborne. She now has nothing to lose by standing up for what she believes in which I hope will be Brexit. If she does not do this she we will have conned us all..

Portillo last night agreed with me that she does not need a deal with the DUP as they wil never vote for Labour or Lib Dems. Callaghan and Wilson ran minority/tiny majority governments in the 1970s.Alec Salmond also successfully ran minority governments in Scotland.

The Tory vote in Scotland was a vote against a second SNP Indy referensum and to keep the Union. It was not a positive vote for Ruth Davidson whom I think is vastly over rated. She is well thought of only because the Tory front bench is largely a charisma free zone of mainly John Major clones with some in skirts. That also gives Mrs May short term security of tenure. The threat of another General Election is another big stick Mrs May has.

At my school on the morning of the Higher Maths exam the assembly hymn was always,

'He who is down needs fear no fall'

As a vicar's daughter Mrs May should know this hymn. It sums up Mrs May's current position.

She has made politically fatal mistakes but if she  can get Brexit up and running right now she will have a good place in our history. I hope it will be onward Christian soldiers.

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Niall Warry said...

Mrs May is a policy free zone - a shiny empty vessel if ever I saw one.