Saturday, 17 June 2017

Theresa should have taken Phil with her. to visit Kensington Tower block fire scene

I cannot comprehend how crass and unfeeling Mrs May has been in her handling of the tower block fire. She is clearly uncomfortable meeting the public in unstructured situations. It makes most politicians uneasy but they hide it better than Mrs May. Nick and Fifi  have done too good a job in keeping the public away fom her but the terrible twosome are now gone and she is very much on her own and won't last past party conference time.

She has long standing good marriage and a very nice husband, Philip May. In their joint TV interview before the election Philip was clearly far more at ease than his wife talking off the cuff to Ms Etchingham. I would have advised her to take Phil with her on that ill fated visit. It was humanity not formal government business.

It would not have saved her poliical career but if Phil had done his stuff as I am sure he would it would have presented her in a more favourable light and made her more relaxed. Many politicians going back to Diasaeli succeed because of their spouse's attributes. Mrs May has once more shown poor judgement

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