Thursday, 20 July 2017

Barnier tripped up at EU/ UK press conference by DT journo

It is now becoming apparent even to the overpaid BBC journos that Barnier will hold out for ECJ jurisdiction to apply post Brexit for non-UK EU citizens living and working in the UK. This is his current main tactic to sabotage the Brexit talks. The BBC will wheel out the usual traitors to say its the economy that matters and Sovereignty is of secondary importance. This of course is a bare faced lie. It was the same lie peddled by Heath in 1972 that in signing the Treaty to join the EEC we would not lose any sovereignty that got us into this mess in the first place.

Sovereignty comes first! Battery house chickens are well fed and employed but they are not free and can be eaten at the EU's behest.

At the EU UK press conference one sharp journalist asked Barnier if he could name one other Sovereign country that gave jurisdiction within its borders to a foreign court. Answer came there none.

If we allow ECJ jurisdiction on any part of our country we are not a Sovereign country but an EU vassal state. Let us hope T May sticks to this red line. I don't want my children to live as Franco Prussian slaves.

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