Friday, 21 July 2017

Big Business delay to keep us in the EU so they make more money but you pay

I am disappointed Liam Fox is so easily persuaded to keep us in the EU for 2, 3 or more years to give business time to "adjust" ie make more money from their EU bribes.. These people will always want more time. Whatever they get won't be enough and like blackmailers they will always be back for more. I have always had a lot of time for Glasgow hard men but clearly Dr Fox is very naive and has a very soft centre.

A so called transition period does not come free. We will still have to pay in to the EU our 14bn Euro per annum into the EU maw for that period. Who will pay that? It would be nice if Dr Fox asked his big business chums to pay up after all they are the ones who want it and they are the ones who will benefit from it. As always to get to the truth follow the money. Simples.

The Daily Mail this morning puts this 'transition' period at 5 years

If we agree to this we will never get out of the common market and we will all die German slaves as the millionaire quisling Hammond wants. May has to sack this guy soon if she wants to stay as PM to see Brexit through.

All the guarantees of a time limit on the transition period are worthless. Reasons can and will always be found for further delay and more payments to the EU.

I found this on Reuters explaining why we cannot go back to the status quo the Remoanars crave.

"The European Council would need to be unanimous in allowing the UK to abort Brexit and the ill-feeling already generated would lead to far worse terms," he said
"In particular, the rebate and key opt-outs would be gone, thereby making the costs of being in the EU far higher than before."

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