Saturday, 22 July 2017

Hammond is Goldman Sachs man in the Cabinet

Click below to read Reuters piece on Hammond and Goldman Sachs

Hammond is in Goldmans pocket, not the first finance minister to there. They helped Greece fiddle their books to get into the Euro and made a lot of money for themselves. But who paid for this? The Greek people in their austerity punishment meted out by Goldman's EU politicians. The same will happen to us as a result of Hammond's naivity and incompetence but again it is us, the British people, like the Greeks who will pay the price and take the EU punishment beating whilst Goldmans counts its money.

Hammond is renowned for having a 'tin ear' following his last disastrous budget and U turn on increased NICS for the self employed.

Its proposals hit the Tory core vote of the self employed. It was a huge  mistake that damaged May's fledgling government and had  to be reversed by T May. Sound familiar? Well the Tories repeated exactly the same mistake with their disastrous 2017 election manifesto that again hit the Tory core vote of the pensioners. Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy aka Lady Macbeth and Rasputin took the blame for that but Hammond's fingerprints were all over it.

If May had got her increased majority there is no doubt she would have sacked Hammond but she lost her majority and her courage failed her. She is no iron lady just another wind vane politician facing whichever way the political wind lets her.

Sacking the perfidious Hammond was the right decision pre-election and it still is the right decision post election. As Lady Macbeth said to her hubby, "Screw your courage to the sticking place" and also remember another line from Macbeth, "there are daggers in men's smiles"

She is dead duck anyway and has nothing to lose. Holding on will not secure her place in history. She will be remembered as one of our worst PMs and Home Secretarys and may as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. The Tories will string her up as soon as they stop squabbling with each other.

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