Monday, 24 July 2017

Germans start to see sense on Brexit

I opined last week that Germans unlike the French are a pragmatic people. It was thus encouraging to read in today's DT a piece by Ambrose Evans Pritchard, headlined

Germany's king-makers demand a Brexit cabinet

and sub titled

Resurgent Free Democrats urge Mrs Merkel and the EU not to punish the UK and find a "fair deal"

The German Free Democrats party are saying it would be a fatal error to humiliate Britain as Macro wants to do. This is attributed to the party's economics spokesman Michael Theurer MEP and echoed by the leader Christian Linder who has stressed the EU should handle Brexit with extreme care as Germany sees the UK as a strong partner for the EU within Nato.

Free democrats are closely aligned with Mittelstand medium sized engineering companies that  account for half of Germany's 86bn Euro exports to the UK and that 750000 German jobs are closely linked to UK trade.

The next part of the piece is entiled,

Merkel could replace EU apostles with pro-UK group

Martin Schulz leader of the Social Democrats is all for giving the UK a punishment beating and wants a grand bargain to issue EU backed Euro bonds. The French love any thing with Grande in the title. Perhaps they should consider what happened to Naopleon's Grande Armee in 1812 in Russia. The UK is called Gros Bretagne as Grande is reserved for French use.

It is good to read the dwarf Macron has dropped 10% in the polls since his election. Also the smaller EU states now realise when the UK leaves they will be at the mercy of Franco Prussian power so they may start being nice to us..

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