Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Farage phone in on LBC makes interesting listening

Farage always wanted to be a chat show host and now he has achieved that ambition. Although he arranged to have me and many others kicked out of UKIP he did deliver us a referendum and for that he deserves our thanks. Nevertheless his and may others primary aim was to get us out of the EU and that has not been delivered indeed it seems as far away as ever if not receding.

You can listen to Farage and his callers by clicking below.


We are now being subjected to a softening up process centred round the so called transition arrangements which it is claimed is needed by business. It reminds me of when Prince Charles wanted to marry his divorced mistress and there was a long sophisticated campaign orchestrated by paid lobbyists to make Camilla acceptable to the great British public by changing not only the public's views but leaving the Queen in a position that she felt she had to hold her nose and accept Camilla.

We are now being salami sliced by the largely Europhile Tory party emasculating our vote to leave the EU. This goes on 24 hours a day on the BBC and print media and will inevitably win because of the sheer weight of biased publicity on the Remain side. Its what one would expect from a Tory Remain dominated Cabinet whose only objective is to preserve the Tory party in power and forgetting about the way the ordinary people voted in the Referendum.

The idea big business has your interests at heart is laughable. The care only about their profits. Profits are revenue minus costs and the easiest way to increase profits is to cut costs, As the biggest component of business costs are wages then its a no brainer that increasing labour supply through immigration is the easiest way to  reduce labour costs and boost profits. Big business loves only itself. So the next time you hear Hammond talking about protecting business remember he is talking about protecting his own interests not yours.

The other even more sordid aspect is it unlimited immigration enables Hammond and his chums to have cheap domestic servants to keep them in the style to which they are accustomed.

The right way out is to have, as virtually every other country has, a labour visa system with visas being applied for by the employer who are responsible for ensuring their immigrant labour as CRB checks, health insurance etc. Its the employers who benefit from these immigrants  so its only right they bear the costs including housing and schools. Saudi is often vilified in the UK press but if BAe wants to do business there they have to provide and pay for schooling, housing and medical care for those they bring into the country.

The Swiss have been running a very tight visa system since before the war. Switzerland with no natural resources  has the highest standard of living in Europe. They have been doing it right, we are the country that has got it wrong.

PS Even chickens are not safe from Remoaner exploitation


and read this, the views of Dominic Cummings



Stephen Harness said...

In truth Farage contributed very little to the actual Brexit debate. Yes he is largely responsible for the UK actually achieving the granting of the EU referendum because UKIP were becoming a threat to the Conservative majority at the 2015 GE. I detected an intellectual vacuum within UKIP and leaving for UKIP was just to walk away, to hell with reality. Immigration was the number one UKIP topic of the referendum with no debate on economics or trade. I was embarrassed by the £350 million a week promise for the NHS just as much as I was embarrassed by the remainers threat of financial meltdown. However we look at it, 48% of the vote was to remain. The recent GE was to be a boost for Brexit but it failed to galvanise into a unanimous backing. UKIP actually stood candidates against Brexit candidates with a number one policy of banning the burka. Yes I am still passionate about Brexit and confident about the future for our country. However I am realistic enough to know life is always a compromise and the best way out is to learn from the EU itself. Small steps, over a longer period of time. Yes it risks betrayal by the establishment but that can be derailed by making the exit a success.

L fairfax said...

I think Tony Blair helped Brexit a lot more than Farage by allowing house prices to rise due to EU immigration, giving back our rebate exit.
Nigel could have helped more by developing the intellectual case for leaving whilst UKIP leader and other policies to get more votes for UKIP.

Eric Edmond said...

Mr Fairfax & Mr Harness make good points. Farage was always more concerned with self promotion. UKIP was always a policy light zone. I remember Bannerman asking me to look at his latest policy ideas. He got very upset when I described them as reheated failed Tory policies from the last three elections.

Anonymous said...

Mr Harness
On the subject of the so called “promise” of £350m a week for the NHS a Mirror article of 29 March updated 30 March:

The Boris photo shows “Let’s give our NHS ….” while the caption below the image, the Mirror morphed “Let’s” into a “pledge” & “would”:

“Boris Johnson on the Vote Leave campaign trail on 14 May 2016 with the pledge saying £350m a week would be given to the NHS”

The bus picture also shows “let’s fund our NHS …… ”

So when and where did “let’s” mean “would” and “pledge”? – in Mirror and Remoaner speak.

Stephen Harness said...

You can call me Steve. A play on words here.

UKIP used a figure of £50 million pounds per day as our EU payment. This figure ignores the rebate and is the wrong figure. In true UKIP silliness it also ignores any cost/benefit study and not many of those around.
During the campaign there was a distinct suggestion that the UK would save £350 million pounds per week with a cynical link to the under funding of the NHS. A suggestion that the money would be available in the short term as well. Yes we could just stop sending the money in true Christopher Storey style.
Despite a dreadful referendum campaign, we won the Brexit against the odds.