Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why the voting age should be kept at 18

Conning idealistic young students is a speciality of politicians seeking easy votes. Think of Clegg in 2010 promising no increase in student fees in writing and on camera and then one week later, bum on ministerial limo, increasing student fees. The same has just happened with Corbyn and his lie about abolishing student soon rescinded after many of the young had voted for him.

Young people are easy to fleece. They do not have the experience of life of their elders. The wisdom that brings is often in picking out the weasel words in politicians statements and manifestoes but with Corbyn and Clegg it was the big C to put the Sting to shame. Ask what do politicians want from you? Your vote. Look at their track record of lying and wise up.

When my 3rd year students aged 21  were going for job interviews I  had a spiel that went like this. Don't have any qualms about lying to these people about your talents because they will be lying to you. They will tell you its a great job with great prospects. The truth will be its a crap job with few prospects so lie your head off, be arrogant, get the job and take it from there.

Many thanked me and made use of this advice.

As for the. "its our future argument" do these innocents believe its politicians not their parents who have their real interests at heart. Its their parents who built this country. Politicians have milked it for their duck houses and plush life style but you can't teach common sense to the young which is why its a rare commodity in under 25s. Remember the thoughts of Paxo interviewing politicians, "This lying bastard is not going to con me." and be very cynical.


Stephen Harness said...

I think the lies reached a new level under JC and Labour during the GE. JC and his army ignored sound finances and promised the earth. They actually believe their owns words, I am sure.

L fairfax said...

The main reason is that 16 years are legally children and can't do many things for that reason. Therefore they should not be allowed to vote. They can of course marry with their parent's permission, perhaps they should only be allowed to vote with their parents permission? (An example of how ridiculous the idea is).