Thursday, 27 July 2017

Labour hypocrisy and lies

As a result of conning Canterbury students into believing Labour would abolish student fees one Rose Duffield got elected as an MP. She also stood on an abolish Grammar school pledge or should I say aspiration. Guess where Duffield sends her two sons? That's right the local grammar school. As always Labour comprehensive school policies do not apply to the sprogs of Labour MP. This has been Labour policy for many years including Shirley Williams, Harriet Harman, Diane Abbott  etc and most recently Duffield. The main talent needed to be a Labour MP is rank hypocrisy and a brass neck.

Many students registered to vote for the first time, Duffield won by 187 votes in a seat that had never previously returned a Labour MP. . All these students have been fooled used and abused by a rank hypocrit. The Labour vote increased by 20% from the previous election. That's the difference Corbyn's, now retracted, offer of no fees made.

When asked about claims that Labour had "bought" the student vote by offering free tuition fees in its manifesto, Ms Duffield said: "I think they just wanted a fair chance for education for all.

Duffield's idea of offering a fair chance to her kids is to send them to a grammar school.

I wonder how many of her voters will be living in Canterbury come next election?


Stephen Harness said...

There is no doubt that Labour lied through their teeth to win favour with the electorate and especially younger people. Perhaps the referendum set the bar for not telling the truth, and I include both sides.
However the biggest influence was a dreadful Conservative Manifesto and campaign. A failure to look for positives in the economy left a great number of families wondering if they had a future.
yes, to not practise what you preach is a sin.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Mr Harness it was the manifesto wot lost it by its attack on core Tory vote.