Friday, 7 July 2017

Beware Europhile arguments for 'temporary' transition EU leaving arrangements

The big business people who are advocating such arrangements want to keep us mired in the EU and will ensure such temporary arrangements will continue forever. Our country belongs to us the people not overpaid bosses of foreign owned enterprises who have no long term commitment to our country. Its quite simple as the young fogey says, Out is Out.

Since Napoleon,s defeat in 1815, the first great Europhile who invented the EU as his Continental system, we have steadily enfranchised our people and reduced the influence of the property and business vote in the UK to the great benefit of the many not the few. Let us not be seduced away from this policy by project fear of any sort.

The world would be a better place without trade tariffs of any sort which is why the great hall in Manchester is called Free Trade Hall and is enshrined in Adam Smith's book the Wealth of Nations. We only need anti - dumping legislation which should only be a temporary measure.

Tariifs are paid by us the ordinary people and are always inflationary pushing up the price of goods and services for all of us. Rather than free movement of people let us embrace free trade and show the EU as what it is, a protectionist club benefitting only politicians with dreams of Napoleonic Empire. We must never allow our young people to be used as cannon fodder for Juncker's new European army or any other grandiose Franco Prussian project.

And again Matt sums the BBC up brilliantly


Niall Warry said...

Nobody wants to keep us mired in the political EU, which we must leave, but successful wide ranging trade these days includes a lot more than a deal on tariffs.

Take you blinkers off and read and digest this:-

Eric Edmond said...

Major try and address the issues.