Sunday, 9 July 2017

May can learn from Corbyn on party management

Mrs May has been a huge disppointment. She has cost us Brexit. She has been shown to lack conviction, principle, ruthlessness and guts. She is a typical goody two shoes head girl but is quite unfit to lead. Tory MPs must have known what she is like but their squabbling let her in un challenged.

Her decision to buy DUP support was a huge strategic mistake. A sordid deal that will haunt the Tories for years to come.

 A conviction poiltician would have formed a minority government and challenged the DUP to vote with Labour on a confidence vote to bring her government down. The DUP know it would be suicidal to vote with Labour IRA apologists in these circumstances so they would support May. She had no need to waste money or political capital on buying DUP votes. The DUP Turkeys  won't vote for a Corbyn Xmas. Again she showed poor political judgement and lack of courage. The sooner she goes the better for our country.

Jezza at least has convictions and was quite ruthless in getting rid of the Blarites like Mrs Balls and Chukka and others who would not support him. McDonnell may be a Marxist but is loyal to Jezza as Jezza well knows. Mrs May has an army of duplicitous Tories behind her. The only question is who will stab her first and then in true public school bully tradition the rest of the Tories will pile in with their knives just as in Julius Caesar.

Mrs May should at least fire her duplicitous chancellor Hammond. If he brings the govenment down his political career will be finished. Again May has nothing to lose. She does not like Hammond so why not fire him and promote her favoured  successor whoever that may be. Mrs Leadsom fancies the job and she at least believes in us leaving the EU.

As the hymnist wrote. he who is down needs fear no fall if they played that hymn in the Rev Brazier's church when Theresa wa young.

I fear however Mrs May will hang on like grim death until the men in grey suits tap her on the shoulder and cart her off to the obscurity she richly deserves.

I weep for our country trapped as a German client state for many years to come. Those who fought and died for our country in the World Wars against the Germans have been betrayed by our lily livered politcal elite.


Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with your comments but I do slightly despair at your constant refrain, if at times said obliquely, that the upper class are all toffs while the working class (especially the Scots) are all generally good eggs.

I worry far more about the Marxist views of the Corbynites than the traditional conservative views of any toffs.

Niall Warry said...

The above should have been recorded as by Niall Warry

Eric Edmond said...

dear Anon the working class are generally good eggs but the Scots are like the curate's egg good in bits and bad in others.