Thursday, 13 July 2017

Great Repeal aka EU withdrawal Bill published

This brings all EU law that applies currently to us into UK law. As UK law it can be amended or deleted by our UK parliament and will be interpreted by UK judges. It brings back control of our laws to us as was promised during the EU referendum debate. The political elite are apoplectic and will seek to block the bill overtly or covertly, keep us under EU control and de facto reverse the result of our Referendum.

The overt opposition comes from the LibDems whose dead duck leader Farron has promised Mrs May's government a hellish time getting it through the HoC. Nobody of course pays any attention to the useless LibDems following their on camera lies about not imposing student fees and then joining a Government that immediately imposed student fees. They got found out as soon as they were in power and had to redeem their promises and they weree rightly punished at the ballot box for their duplicity.

The other great betrayer of the students is of course Corbyn who has promised to totally abolish student fees. If God help us Corbyn ever attains power he will excute a similar rapid volte face. He will ditch the students and return to his real love the IRA and Hugo Chavez. The students will have been fooled, used and abused a second time but we would have to wait 5 years to exact retribution at the ballot box by which time I would expect the UK to be as big a basket case as Chavez's Venezuela.

Comrade Corbyn is pursuing a covert plan to sabotage Brexit but for different reasons. Corbyn hates the EU but he will happily hand over our country to the EU to further his party political ultra left wing aims. Hence his presentation to Barnier today in Brussels of a named  Arsenal strip. JC was accompanied by Madam Mao and Keir Hardy Starmer.

Corbyn & co will talk endlessly about the need to oppose the Government using statutory instruments, spawn of the Devil according to Corbyn, to do what the people want and push Brexit through.Without parliamentary scrutiny wails Corbyn. Complete tosh! Parliament can debate any statutory instrument it wants to at any time for any or no reason

This whole farce is exposing the fundamental flaw in our democracy. A majority of the people want out of the EU but overwhelming majority of the political elite want us to stay in so they can get on and play their well paid political games at our expense. The politicians do not represent the peoples wishes. They represent their wallets, status and duck house self interests. That is a big problem for our country.

It reminds me of what a fellow primary school pupil of mine wrote in a history essay, "Christianity came with the Romans but the churches took a while to adopt it." I would paraphrase it as, Democracy came wih the Anglo Saxons but the Norman political elite invaded and put a stop to it 1000 years ago.

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