Saturday, 15 July 2017

I am tired of paying for lazy inaccurate BBC journalism

The BBC never tire of blowing their own trumpet and telling us what a wonderful jornalistic organisation  they are. I beg to differ Sky and RT have far more good accurate unbiased reports at zero cost.

The BBC news kicked off this morning with 10 minutes from retired war criminal Anthony Blair claiming that the EU might compromise on freedom of movement restrictions within the EU if we agreed to be good EU citizens. Note the weasel word 'might' and the complete lack of any source for this story. Sloppy lazy journalism to support the BBC's now overt agenda to keep us in the EU agenda. As the redoubtable Julia Hartlet Brewer tweeted  "I think it's possible now that Tony Blair has spent too much time with wealthy foreign dictators & has forgotten how democracy works." No money in democarcy Julia is Tony;s view.

There was a good BBC interview with a pleb that was right at the bottom of the running order saying  he was tired of the continual empasis on personal money losses if we left the EU. He  said he would willingly pay to live in a free sovereign country. So would I.

Then we have the claimed soft Brexit option. Its a fiction and a lie by our Politicians. Interview Barnier and see what he says. Soft Brexit is not on the table because it does not exist..

Last June we voted to leave the EU including the ECJ. the never to be completed single market. and the customs union designed to protect EU vested interests like French agriculture which stops us making trade deals with the old Commonwealth countries like NZ and Oz which incidentally produce better, cheaper wine than the EU.

Then the BBC reported the  story about poor white kids underperforming at school. Follow up? Zilch the Gideon's, Jacobs and BBC sprogs don't get sent to ordinary schools.

Then there is the story of how much we will have to pay when we leave the EU, 50bn Euro, 100 bn Euro it keeps changing with each BBC report. What does not change is no source is ever given for this fictional scare story. Anyone it seems can be a BBC journalist if their face fits and they sing the right song, EU good UK bad.

Macron is lauded as a diplomatic genius  for inviting Donald Trump on a state visit to France May was vilified for doing the same thing in the UK! That's BBC objectivity.

Finally the BBC deliberately morph Europe and the EU togeteher to confuse us plebs. Europe is a geographic region extending to the Urals, the EU is a corrupt political machine based in Brussels.

The other cheap phrase the BBC journos use to avoid thinking is "crash out". Hence Andy Murray crashed out of Wimbledon. Well he was actually very close to taking a two set lead. Similarly Jo Konta crashed out to Venus Williams and in truth she was very close to winning the first set. Worst of all is politicians like Farron using the same phrase crash out to describe walking away from a bad deal with the EU. Dreadful, inaccurate use of our language.

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