Sunday, 16 July 2017

Lib Dems plotting table

As I wandered past our local, the Lord Nelson, the local Lib Dems, headed by the Grand Mufti himself were sat outside at their favourite table which following Matt I have entitled the Lib Dem plotting table. the Matt cartoon refers to the BoJo Fallon meeting at a Kent pub with the publican designating one his tables the Tories plotiing table.

Well we have one of those in Somerset but for the Lib Dems. I don't know where the Tories meet to plot and drink. It made me think about why did Cameron put so many mediocre Lib Dems in the HoL. They are mostly bossy silly women who love love the sound of their own voices, not Cameron's type at all. Top Tory totty is more his line.

In 2015 Dave was getting a lot of grief from his right wing so he decided to lance the boil once and all by promising a referendum secure in the knowledge that when his Coaltion won the election Clegg would veto this referendum. Oh dear Dave's Tories won an overall majority  Lib Dem MP were  almost wiped out and Dave had to make good on his promised referendum. Poetic justice given the same fate had beallen his pal Clegg 5 years earlier over the Lib Dems student fees promise.

Dave who was a closet Lib Dem had his Lib Dem safety net had been and he was left naked at at the mercy of the British electorate who having been denied a vote on getting out of the EU for many years voted to leave.

Strange how politicians do not understand how important it is to hedge your position with Mrs May the latest casuality of this mistake.

Any one who had had to run real money positions in the City allways hedges agamst even the most unlikely outcomes. Politicians suffer from hubris and as BoJo will tell them after hubris comes nemesis as Mrs May has found out.

This blog says it all about our political elite who are trying to stop Brexit

These people will destroy our democracy to serve their selfish ends

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