Monday, 17 July 2017

Henry VIII and the EU

The politicians have discovered a new smear, abuse of Henry VIII powers by the Government to obviate the need for parliamentary approval by using statutory instruments. Its not true as parliament can force a debate and vote on such instruments still it sounds good coming from Jezza who has just conned tens of thousands of votes from gullible young students at the last General Election. They have been fooled, used and abused in the best traditions of lying UK politicians of whom Jezza is one.

All English sovereigns up to Henry VIII had a big problem with  the Roman Catholic church in two areas. Catholic priests, monks, friars, nuns etc were only answerable to Church courts where they would be judged by other churchmen. So we had two legal systems in the England, one for the political religous elite  with the Pope as final supreme arbiter just like the ECJ. Sound familiar?

All sovereigns also had a perennial problem with their lack of money to fund their grandiose schemes The Pope had plenty of money raised by corrupt sales of relics and also from land left to the Church to ensure your place in heaven. That is how all the fine buildings, staues etc were paid for. The Pope's annual revenues in England were almost as big as the Kings. Henry also had expensive tastes that needed financing so he got this chief thug and fixer Thomas Cromwell to liquidate most of the monasteries and give the proceeeds to Henry.

What we are seeing is deja vu all over again. In my analogy the EU is the Catholic Church unreformable, rich, corrupt and in charge of much of the law particularly royal marriages. International treaties were only legitimate if lodeged with the Vatican library which is to this day very secretive about 'sensitive' documents. And who judged what was sensitive? The Pope. Just like the EU judges what is sensitive today.

Henry represents us the plebs His marriages were driven by state needs, in particular to avoid further damaging dynastic wars. So Henry cut the links to and control by Rome of England. A good decision and we should not worry too much about his reasons. We took a similar good decision last year when we voted to leave the EU. Does anyone want to return to the foreign wars of Tony Blair? Juncker does, that's why he wants a European army.

Henry VIII and Lizzie I also had their remoaners to deal wih in the staunch Catholic rich noble families forever plotting to return to the rule of Rome. Let us hope David Davies turns out to be another  Thomas Cromwell.

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rapscallion said...

Quite. Sadly we are not able to dish out the same punishments for treason as they did in Henry 8th's time.