Tuesday, 18 July 2017

What does the US Civil War have in parallel with the EU

I return to my theme of historical parallels relating to the EU.There is a common myth that the US Civil War was fought to free the black slaves in the Southern States. This was a convenient excuse beloved of the left wing political elite to cover their real motives the pursuit of political power. The Civil War was fought to preserve the Union. The two capitals, Washington and Richmond on either side of the Potomac river were as geographically as close as London and Brussels. Unlike us and the EU both sides however had a common language and legal system. The EU has about 12 official languages  and a Napoleonic legal system in which jury trials are not paramount. Appellant court judges in the UK are always very reluctant to reverse jury verdicts on facts.

The EU is fighting us to try and preserve its motley, shaky  Union which it wishes to eventually rival the United States but where is there succinct comprehensible Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson and influenced by the Scots 1320 Declaration of Arbroath via one John Knox Witherspoon provost of Princeton, New Jersey delegate to the Continental Conference and previously minister of Paisley kirk? The US grew from the  grass roots wishes of common men and by its division of powere was designed to severely restrict the power of any political elite. The EU is a top down political  power imposition by politicians and designed to keep power in a small elite group now called the European Commission. All EU laws can only originate in the elite Commission unlike in the UK and US systems where the people's elected representatives can, and frequently do originate laws.

So the EU is fighting to preserve its union but the difference is its support comes from the political appointee elite of the EU. The EU parliament is a powerless talking shop. In the US support for their Union comes from the ordinary people via their elected representatives. We have had our upper chamber seriously corrupted by nepotism and political appointees and we will pay a price for this mistake in our Brexit negotiations. The US Senate is a small  elected chamber of just over 100 members.. Our House of Lords is a bloated, unelected chamber of over 800 largely third rate retired politicians. Not good when you consider the US has five times our population

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