Sunday, 27 August 2017

Labour's Brexit duplicity

…a transitional period under Labour will be as short as possible, but as long as is necessary. It cannot become a kind of never-ending purgatory. That would simply create its own uncertainty and ambiguity.’

So Mr Starmer QC how long is a piece of string.  Its a meaningless phrase from the party of meaningless phrases

Labour are trying to repeat their success they had at the last General Election conning people by getting the gullible students to believe they are going to cancel their debts, abolish tuition and maintenance fees remove the benefits for those in receipt of same and all paid for by Jezza,s magic money tree that he grows in his allotment.. 

Labour want power and if that requires welching on the 2015 Referendum result they will do it. If it requires blatant they will do that.

From today's Independent, "They, the Daily Mail etc, will equate this potentially indefinite transitional deal with barely leaving the EU. They will foresee it as a stepping stone towards Labour demanding a second referendum. And they might very well be right."

further from the same source,

"Starmer is offering a refined version of the constructive ambiguity he claims to be jettisoning. On the surface, he is sticking to the commitment to recognise the democratic will. A few millimetres beneath it, he is doggy-paddling towards reversing it. 
He can and will semi-plausibly deny this when The Sun and Daily Mail call him a traitor and set out to tear him apart. 
The Brexit game is not over yet. There is still a chance that it can be thwarted and this policy shift increases it."
As I said Labour will try and reverse the democratic will of the people as expressed in the Referendum for its own political ends. Nothing else matters to those people. There is too much money at stake for them.
as the Indy writes
"You can write the intro for that Keir Starmer piece now. “We in the Labour party respect the democratic will of the people. We respected it in June 2016, when the UK voted to leave the EU. We respect it now, when every opinion poll suggests that, by a wider margin than voted to leave then, they wish to remain today. It is therefore our duty as democrats to ask the question again. We must have a second referendum.”
Its a good piece and can be read in full at
What these people are not telling you is that the Article 50 cannot de facto be reversed. I am sure lots of lawyers lining their own will tell you it can but things have gone too far down the Brexit route. Any attempt to back up will produce a really catastrophic deal for the UK. Macron, Junker and the rest will walk all over us whilst still demanding their 70bn Euros, a demand we would be unable to resist but if it gets Labour into power it will be seen by the political elite as a price worth paying and very good for their bank balances to boot.
I do hope Juncker had a very long spoon when he dined with Blair recently. He wants your job Mr Juncker, simple as.
May has shown herself to be weak and incompetent. Its high time for a new Tory PM but who?


Stephen Harness said...
There is a superb critique by Professor Vernon Bogdanor, available on YouTube - Briefings: Britain and Europe - One year on.
I do not say I agree with everything he says but he does capture the situation and keeps one entertained.

Anonymous said...

Excellent history from the Professor around 1950 to 21 June 2017. Also on iplayer (1 hour) to around 22:00 3 October.

Eric Edmond said...

Bogdanor was Cameron's tutor at BNC

Stephen Harness said...

I am beginning to think that the Conservatives did not want to win the 2017 General Election. It would be so much more convenient to lose and remain in the EU by default. Cameron's tutor does confirm that the only way out is the WTO route but highlights the problems of having a disastrous GE result to handicap the possibility. Perhaps we will see the return of Cameron and Osborne. Eric I am now a convert to a WTO exit and feel you have been right about this.

rapscallion said...

It comes as no suprise that Labour are out to derail Brexit. They care not a fig about the largest democratic mandate in British political history. It's just soooo inconvenient. The independent is wrong if it think that the Remain vote would now be larger, if anything the reverse is true.

I do not disagree with Vernon Bogdanor, but knowing how the EU can be so intransigent on so many things, I am sure that they'll just paint themselves into a corner.

Everything has it's price, and the price of denying Brexit will be to kill democracy stone dead in this country. The loathing and the rage against politicians will know no bounds. It may even be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced the establishment is out to derail Brexit. I remember writing elsewhere at the time of the GE “Does she really want to win?” following the attacks on the retired etc. (and eventually failed to lose). Not to mention some eurosceptic Tory MEP’s being passed over for winnable seats only being offered safe Labour seats as an indication of what else might have happened, i.e. seats for euophiles.

For those of a conspiratorial mind and combined with Labour’s promise to cover student fees etc, not forgetting the questions over student voting, this combined for Labour to mop up votes and at the same time help to annihilate UKIP (not forgetting the utterances of Baroness Gillian Shepherd) and to a degree the SNP.

BTW Professor Bogdanor was a Remainer voter.