Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The EU do not want to negotiate a reasonable deal with us so

It is very clear the EU do not want to negotiate with us as we threaten their dream of a United States of Europe.They cannot therefore give an inch or fear of other countries following and the whole ramshackle structure collapsing. I am quite sure DD & T May know that these phoney negotiations with Barnier will lead nowhere other than to what May has already offered on EU citizen rights and the Irish border. May's proposals offer a fair and reasonable basis for negotiation. As to the money the EU claim we owe them  it is for Juncker to make his detailed case. He has not done so and we should wait until he does.

Best take the advice of the Greek former finance minister Yanis Vouroufakis and not even try to negotiate with the EU. He was simply bounced from the Commision to the ECB to Dr Ftrau Merkel and back again with none accepting responsibility to make a decision.

This whole fandango is simply going through the motions on our part to stop criticism from our EU phile 5th column. It won't of course. Nothing will satisfy Chuka Umuna, Heidi Alexander, Anna Soubry, the BBC and all the other members of the political elite other than we ignore the result of the Referendum and stay in the EU when in the fullness of time they can as the EU has done many times before in many different countries call another referendum to contradict the June 2015 vote to leave and force us to  revert to rule by the EU and its corrupt ECJ.

Liam Halligan sums it up well today


His piece is headlined

Soft Brexit is neither possible nor preferable. The UK needs a Clean Brexit

I quote the first two paragraphs

When it comes to professional politics, crude tribalism so often trumps rational analysis. The leaders of political parties seem to take positions on particular issues not on principle or because they’ve read and thought deeply. They support something largely because their political opponents do not.
Party policies, then, seem to represent not the end of a process of reasoning and investigation, but ends in themselves – adopted to inflict damage to opponents or provide political ‘definition’. Over this summer of 2017, such posturing has come to define Labour’s position on Brexit.
MPs vote for their party line not for the good of the country. They call themselves Honourable in the true tradition of Dr Goebbels that big lies are the most likely to be believed. Perhaps it has always been thus but I still like to dream there may be more than Jacob Rees Mogg and Kate Hoey prepared to put our countries' interests first.

One lady of integrity who was but no longer is an MP is Gisela Stuart. She wrote a piece or her local paper the Birminghan Mail. I give the link below.

Ms Stuart writes,

Labour’s plan for an “open-ended” transitional deal with the EU could mean Brexit never really takes place.

She is of course correct

One problem is the EU has so many British useful fools  to use Lenin's phrase. Ithink of people like North and Booker who are afforded a regular slot in the Sunday Telegraph to pedal incomprehensible rubbish.

We need to cut the EU,s Gordian knot. I return to Halligan's piece

.The term Hard Brexit is now ubiquitous, used freely by the UK’s broadcast news media. The phrase makes leaving the two main legal constructs of the EU – the single market and the customs union – seem like an extreme, ideological position. Hard Brexit suggests isolation and a bleak economic future. Soft Brexit – staying inside the single market and/or the customs union – conveys, instead, a comfortable ongoing relationship with the EU, with Britain still ‘part of the club’.
A political narrative has developed that the UK would be better off economically under Soft Brexit. The corollary is that those who want to leave the single market and the customs union are driven only by an obsession with UK sovereignty and immigration controls, and are prepared for the economy to be damaged as long as they get what they want.
I recommend clicking the link above and reading Halligan's piece. He puts things as they are and cuts through the waffle. Do not be sucked into this idea that there is a softt Brexit. There is not.

Leaving the single market and the customs union isn’t Hard Brexit. It is Brexit

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