Monday, 14 August 2017

Perfidious Hammond

Philip Hammond exudes political duplicity and deceit. He is very boring , tedious, long winded and worst of all is more a captive of the Treasury Permanent Secretary  Sir Tom than Jim Hacker ever was of the Cabinet secretary Sir Humphrey. Hacker at least had a sense of humour to lighten the gloom. Hammond reminds me of an unhappy undertaker.

As Chancellor, Hammond  is an incompetent disaster. Remember the self employed NIC fiasco that had to be U turned by Mrs May almost immediately. It is said he has ambitions to be Tory leader. I can only quote Victor Meldrew, I don't believe it! Corbyn has something that appeals to the ordinary voter. I am not sure what it is but I am sure Hammond has nothing ordinary voters can connect with. Spreadsheets, the great love of Hammond's life, don't have votes.

His great mantra that he repeats ad nauseam on the Referendum result is that he is sure the British people did not vote to make themselves poorer.  They voted Mr Hammond to make themselves free! Don't you get it! People prize freedom above all. They don't want to be plump well fed prisoners of the EU although come to think of it the Greeks did not even get that from Dr Frau Merkel. They had to be taught a lesson. A million Greeks died of starvation under German occupation in WWII. Was that not a lesson enough?

To return to my topic of yesterday, free range chickens are happier, lay better eggs that command a higher price in the world market and one people pay because they taste better and are uncontaminated by the cheap EU spreadsheet Hammond chicken feed.

Clearly Hammond realises he is in trouble. Hence the joint article with Liam Fox in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph headlined,

"Leaving the EU is an opportunity to reshape our economic destiny"

but re-titled as

The impact was further wrecked by another piece 4 hours later

The later piece talks of the contempt Hammond has for Fox and" He's (Hammond) is very superior". Not the sort of guy you can trust.

The omissions however tell the real tale , no timetable and no reference to getting out of ECJ jurisdiction, the core problem which even our very clever Judge Neuberger skates round.

It all smells very fishy to me so expect more trouble.

Hammond also likes emotive terms like cliff edge, soft Brexit etc These are  terms aimed to scare. Cliff edge means trading  on WTO terms, soft Brexit means staying in the EU. Orwell  in his other great book 1984 correctly described this as Newspeak, meaningless terms designed to destroy our language and confuse the ordinary people

Hammond's ill judged comments on Brexit have done our country great harm. He should be sacked.

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