Sunday, 13 August 2017

EU treats us like battery chickens

I have been struck by the way the EU treats us the same as Dutch factory farmed chickens. Feed them contaminated food and collect and sell the eggs and carcasses. The EU prides itself on its animal welfare standards we are told by D Milliband from the safety of his $500,000 charitable salary in New York where he lives high on chlorinated poison free chickens and lectures us on why there must be another Referendum on Brexit. Funny I don't recall him playing any significant part in our 2016 referendum.

Miliband was parachuted into the ultra safe Labour seat of South Shields for the 2001 election. His father was a Marxist professor at LSE and like all true Marxists had a large house in Primrose Hill one of the most expensive parts of London and adjacent to Regents Park home of London Zoo and famous for its collection of European Marxists. I know this because I rented a single small room in the next street, Gloucester Avenue, but that was all we non-Marxists could afford. Wedgie Benn who had an even bigger house in an equally expensive part of London, Holland Park was a frequent visitor for tea at the Milibands. As a non-Marxist I was never invited.

As in Orwell's great satire of communism, Animal Farm some animals are more equal than others and the Milibands were more equal than any except Wedgie whose great disciple was and is Jezza Corbyn another devoted Marxist who as in Animal Farm has grown fat on the efforts of the real workers although possibly not quite as fat as Diane, aka Madame Mao, Abbott..

Following Labour's 2010 election defeat at the hands of the Bullingdon aristo Cameron there followed a Jewish, biblical, Cain and Abel fraticidal struggle for the leadership and soul of Labour in which the  Blairite brother David narrowly lost to the Marxist Goliath Red Ed. David then departed in 2013 for a very lucrative, $500000 pa charity job in the US with International Rescue. This had previously been staffed by capitalist puppets but now was to be run by a real Socialist.

Would we not all like to benefit from such charity but such occupations are  reserved only for true and deserving Marxists.

However the factory farmed chickens were left behind in the UK in  their tiny cubicles to continue to lay eggs for Marxist Farmer Juncker who was an even bigger fatter aristo than the Tory Cameron. And thus it would have continued had not on 23rd June 2016 the animals rebelled and voted to leave their cages. Biblical tragedy was forecast to follow this dark day but nothing happened! The Sun rose, the Sun set and gradually the animals realized they were getting on very well without their Marxist rulers. This won't do cried D Miliband from over the pond. This did not happen in Regent's Park Zoo and he repeated the same old 23rd June scare stories to frighten the animals back into their cages. But by now he animals knew he was a false prophet pedaling fake news and thank goodness ignored him.

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