Friday, 11 August 2017

Trump shows us how to negotiate but will our liberal elite listen?

Donald Trump is a much maligned man by the UK and US liberal elite. The  Donald however is a business man and does know how to negotiate deals and has made a fortune by his negotiating skills.

Our liberal elite could not negotiate their way out of a paper bag but as P Hammond they are in charge of your money and eager to hand over as much of your loot as the EU demands. We must have clarity bleat the Lib Dems. Listen to Donald. Clarity is just showing our cards to the EU and damaging our position. Obfuscation and keeping the EU off balance is what is needed for our country right now. That is how Trump is dealing with North Korea's threats, it is the right tactic and it is working.

Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed is the EU's guiding principle. There will be a UK EU trade deal but it cannot be struck before the last minute of the last day of the last month ie 28th March 2019 with our freedom commencing the day after. All the lies and half truths and dissembling will fall away on that day leaving the bottom line.

In the intervening period we must not give anything away and hold the line that legally we owe the EU nothing. We will pay what we legally owe and receive back what we are legally owed. So be careful to make your position papers suitably obscure DD!

Juncker can charter as many private jets as he likes but we should not have to pay for them. Perhaps the UK EU ambassador could point this out to  Herr Juncker the next time they meet. Let it be before lunch to ensure Juncker's sobriety.


Niall Warry said...

Speaking of lunch we are off to France at the beginning of September and quite busy before we go so how about meeting up after that?

Eric Edmond said...

Let me know when you get back.

Number 10 said...

I doubt arranging things before lunch will be enough to ensure Juncker's sobriety. The old soak is famously claimed to drink cognac for breakfast.