Sunday, 17 September 2017

Bojo's piece on Brexit was a tour de force

Bojo did as much as anyone to win the 2015 in out EU referendum. He is Foreign Secretary and the EU has always been an FCO responsibility. He is far more qualified to opine on the EU than Hammond, Rudd, Morgan etc so why has he been so outrageously attacked?

BoJo has a real brain unlike the three non-entities I mention above. He writes well and wittily again unlike the 3 Remoaners above. Real talent is always attacked by lick spittle sycophants of little ability.

But worse than that for our 3 Remoaners people like BoJo and unlike the Maybot he likes people. He is a fun guy. Nobody ever accused our 3 Remonaers of being fun people. Hammond looks like and behaves like Uriah Heap. Rudd and Morgan act like head girls seeking to impress the headmistress. by swallowing wasps.

Janet Daley in today's Sunday Telegraph came closest to my view of BoJo. "  He always seemed to me to be a serious person pretending to be unserious" Spot on Ms Daley.He is very clever and hides it by faffing around whilst he considers which of the possible answers he could give to a journo's question is the best. The journos with their non BoJo brain power  do not see this.

Another description was given by Sir Cathcart D'eath in Tom Sharpe' great read Porterhouse Blue. "Looks stupid is clever" as opposed to the 3 Remonaers, "Look clever are stupid".

Like Jacob Rees Mogg, Bojo 's greatest political value is that ordinary people like him, Old Etonia tie and all. Put JRM and Bojo on TV and the Tories will win hands down. The BBC will try to get their bien pensants like Paddy on camera as much as possible but people don't warm to Paddy and his ilk. The Lib Dems did have one guy in the BoJo seat winning league, Charlie Kennedy so the Lib Dem establishment got rid of and replaced him with Menzies Campbell a man in the Hammond mould. Second rate talents feel much more comfortable with second rate leaders.


Stephen Harness said...

I have yet to read the Brexit piece by Boris so I should not comment. However raking up the £350 million a week again does not do the cause a lot of good. I admire the tackle Boris inflicted on a German footballer back in 2006 in a charity match but little else about his self advancing political style.

rapscallion said...

But Stephen, the 350m a week actually isn't that far from the truth - except the Remoaners can't handle the truth, preferring as they do Project Fear and unwarranted claims. See

Stephen Harness said...

A better figure would have been a cost/benefit study but not too many of them about.

Blind stoat said...

^ Rapscallion - the GBP 350mn figure is a long way from "the truth". I agree with Stephen H. Johnson should have used his article to make absolutely clear that GBP 350mn is the gross - and not the net - amount.

It would have been far better to say that GBP 10BN per year (which probably is somewhere close to the net figure) is still a very large number. And GBP 10BN per year pays for a lot of new hospitals, medical/scientific research, Oxbridge engineering scholarships, direct funding for early stage tech companies etc. etc. etc..