Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Juncker's Wehrmacht & Third Reich. Manna for Farage.

Here is link to the drunkard's so called speech:

The local Lib Dems tried to shout me down a year ago when I warned that the EU was planning to have its own army. I was of course correct as Juncker confirmed today and the Lib Dems were as always living in cloud cuckoo land. Never the less there are 100 Lib Dem peers in the House of Lords many put their by the closet Lib Dem David Cameron. They all love the sound of their own voices and can spout pro EU rubbish and without a qualm damage our country citing their Guardianista inspired North London consciences as justification for ruining the lives of ordinary working people.

Here is Nigel Farage's response.

Juncker is a gift for Farage. Juncker did more than anyone to win our Referendum for the Leave campaign. As long as Juncker and his pal Verhofstadt keep on talking the British people will be more and more convinced they did the right thing in voting to leave. A Remainer's life is not a happy one as Gilbert and Sullivan wrote.

Keep up the good work Herr Juncker.


rapscallion said...

Druncker is indeed the gift that keeps on giving. Like that odious reptile Verhofstadt, he is unable to brag about what the hated EU has planned. Never stop your enemy when he is making a mistake.

Thank God for Nigel Farage. He was right all along, and God, don't they hate him for exposing their lies.

Stephen Harness said...

Juncker reminds us that the EU is evolving into a country with invasion by stealth as the weapon of choice. I would like to think the electorate voted to leave because they rumbled this. I would also like to think the margin of victory would have been much wider if the leave campaign had actually campaigned more on this reality.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Steve, I used the '5-presidents-report_en' at every opportunity during the campaign. The Euro et al.