Monday, 11 September 2017

Corbyn the master of double speak and confusion

It might be purposeful, it might be incompetence – either way fudging the party’s position is likely to win votes. It did in June so why not use it again!
That is how the Spectator describes Corbyn's many self contradictory statements and positions. I agree with the Speccy it will win votes from the young and gullible who will latch on to the last thing Corbyn says. He is as big a con man as Tony Blair but operates in a totally different manner. His many self contradictions are not often challenged by the hacks and when they are Corbyn  laughs them off.Photo published for Jeremy Corbyn’s clever confusion on Brexit | Coffee House

He is a front man for some very dangerous hard line leftists who thanks to May's incompetence could easily come to power in the UK. Do not believe his cuddly image. This snake oil sales man is very dangerous. He is a monster May created which she now has no idea how to control.


L fairfax said...

I agree with you that he is dangerous, but May did not create him Blair, Brown and Cameron did by messing up things for the young by making housing more expensive.
A friend of mine recently started work and she earns more than I did in 2001(adjusted for inflation). Despite the fact in 2001 housing was already expensive her maximum mortgage would only pay for 50% of the flat that I could buy in 2001.

I don't like May but housing is a mess she did not create.

Eric Edmond said...

May called a General Election she did not need too and gave Corbyn an open goal compounded by her non-campaign. I don't think May has any responsiblity for the housing mess.

L fairfax said...

True - although I still feel he might have done well anyway.
What I find depressing is that remain supporters love Corbyn when his brother said that he voted leave!

Eric Edmond said...

Difficult for Corbyn to do well if there was no election!

L fairfax said...

True - May is an idiot.

Eric Edmond said...

Also if no election Labour would have assassinated Corbyn. May just had to sit tight. Corbyn is well known by his parliamentary voting record to detest the EU which he rightly sees as a big business conspiracy.

Sometimes its best to do nowt as Geoffrey Boycott might say and let the ball come to you don't go chasing the ball.

Mrs May may have watched a lot of GB cricket but has obviously learned nothing.

Stephen Harness said...

Mrs May saw the opinion polls, believed the rhetoric and gamboled everything. If it had been a winning move she would now be sat on a majority for five years. However she is still in power and Corbyn camps on her lawn. It is the Labour membership that adore him, not his members of parliament. Now Corbyn seeks to play games with Brexit and he is firmly prepared to join the fifth column movement to reverse Brexit. He gets away with deceit because he has moral high ground, everything is the fault of the Conservative government and the crash of 2008 is forgotten. Yet May survives.

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed the Maybot survives and Corbyn goes from strength to strength. Funny old world.