Monday, 23 October 2017

British Establishment is trying to crush Brexit

Here is the link to an outstanding piece by George Galloway published in Michael Heaver's Its a must read and I will not infringe their copyright in any way.

It confirms my view that when Farage got what he wanted, a radio talk show host spot he was never going to stay and see Brexit through. He could have helped Rees Mogg and BoJo to keep the Tories feet to the fire but as he would be playing second fiddle he chose the easy way out as I always knew he would.

If you want to be really terrified read this

The Nazis are back!

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Stephen Harness said...

We are in a dangerous place. The EU is a collection of former sovereign countries who themselves are starting to face regional independence claims. NWO will not want the UK to break away and prove there is life after domination. Bukovsky predicted the EU will go the same way as the USSR.
Farage should have stayed to see the job through to the bitter end, hopefully with a sweet end, but has deserted his party and country. Still he can always start a new party if he can find someone to provide the cash.
Farage without doubt has been the best speaker pre-referendum and was a great contributor to the granting of the referendum. It may be true he now has little to contribute but the job is not done.
The public do not believe anything spoken by politicians anymore and it is time for people such as the Next boss to win the argument for Brexit.
For me it is so sad that UKIP failed to develop into a true political party voicing the truth, however unpalatable the truth may be. I suspect the the hanger on dross wanted nothing to do with the truth and made sure UKIP became about money and false dreams. Oh well, perhaps next time round.