Sunday, 22 October 2017

EU' s not so hidden agenda - take over the leadership of the free world from the US

When I visited EU in Brussels in the late 70s and first had to deal with te DG13 bureaucrats I came away with two big impressions. Their language skills were outstanding and they detested all things Anglo Saxon, which was code for American. It was clear then that they saw themselves as the  equal of the US. Pure hubris and laughable but they hated the Yanks strangely because they had given them their country back and thus shown the Europeans up as the motley collection of bickering, inadequate  mid Europeans they were.

That is the big EU agenda. Forget about keeping the peace in Europe they wanted to rule the world. like Napoleon and Hitler tried and failed to do. Since then they have been going backwards and countries like China & India have been rapidly advancing. China is already a permanent member of the UN security council  and I cannot see how India can long be denied this privilege. The EU will have big competition for world leadership! Their time has past for now.

I am very hopeful of India. They speak English as their second language. They play cricket. and like the USA they have a legal system based on English common law. Other than the cricket that makes them easy allies for the US. Nevertheless the EU will continue to pursue its receding dream of world leadership which will have to be based  of course on French culture and German engineering. That just won't be enough.

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