Friday, 20 October 2017

The ignorance of our political journalists is unbelievable

Mr F Islam frequently appears on our TV spouting EU scaremongering propaganda. In this he is no different from the rest of the London centred media who uncritically believe anything that comes out of Brussels and rubbish anything that comes out of HMG in London. I don't use Twitter much but when I challenged one of Mr Islam's statements over us losing access to a medical radioactive isotope source when we left the EU. I simply asked him to define half life in this context. His reply was that any 13 year old knew that but of course Mr Islam did not answer my question but then he does look a bit older than 13.

This brought down a torrent of London based Remoaner vilification on my head along the lines that I was claiming to know more than the BMA  Mr Islam's source which of course I did not say. I did say there were other sources of the isotope in the US. The half life of this isotope is 6 hours.  I would really like to know how such a short lived isotope is manufactured and used but Mr Islam did not seem to be able to enlighten me.

Now as any fule do kno as Molesworth used to say the BMA is the GP's trade union and as such is dominated by GPs and their financial interests. Oncologists have their own journal and seldom publish in the BMJ. The BMJ is not a major scientific journal like say the New England Journal of Medicine. In scientific terms it is a second division publication that carries a lot of advertising.

Whether I am right or wrong in this matter is not important to me. What I learned by my venture into Twitterland was how dominated it us by London based bien pensants eager to stop Brexit. Its not only Oxford entrance that is London biased, as on R4 this morning, but 99% of the political journos seem to live there at least 5 days a week. Hence we have the current non stop torrent of inaccurate anti Brexit that now dominates the TV with a huge neglect of regional views..

Tune into AQs tonight on R4 at 8:02 pm and listen to a typical piece of BBC bias, Four panelists, 3 Renainers plus one Leaver. It has been like this since the Referendum vote. It is a crude BBC attempt to build up public pressure for another Referendum

Dr Goebbels would be proud of such one sided coverage and aims!


Stephen Harness said...

The BBC must have been disappointed that the Question Time audience groaned at some of the drivel from Labour and LibDem on the EU. Also that Lord Simon Wolfson, Next Chief Exec, was there to support a Brexit view from a business. Simon stepped in to correct the Libdem who was rubbishing a WTO option with suggested high tariffs.
Damian Greene did his best but without the support of Simon, who spoke with great clarity, would have been overwhelmed with 5th column rubbish.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes, I thought Simon Wolfson really stood out last night with his intelligence and common sense. The other 4 were mediocre brainless twats.

Stephen Harness said...

Well that sums it up perfectly!!!

Anonymous said...

More on the Brexit Blocking Cabal:

Eric Edmond said...

Yes they are trying to derail our Brexit vote by hook or by crook. They are playing with fire. They will call themselves democrats and blame the plebs that live outside the M25