Monday, 16 October 2017

David Davies & May's big negotiating mistake

I heard Labour's  Barry Gardner on Radio 4 this morning talking about our errors in handling the Brexit negotiations and I agree with him. Bazza's point was the big mistake was made right at the start when we agreed to the EU's timetable for the talks money, Paddy land & EU citizens furst before we talk about anything else. It was a huge mistake but one I have seen made many times. Its very difficult to rectify intial errors as they quickly become part of the foundations. It would have been far better to have said No and it the EU walked away so be it. Far better to have the big bust up at the start.

So why did DD agree to it? He had said he believed there would be a huge row at the start but he then rolled over and let the EU have its way leading to the mess we are now in. Why? I don't know the answer but I think it has Sir Jeremy Cover Up's fingerprints all over it. Cover Up plays May like a fiddle. He has rightly judged her to be a typical head girl, risk averse and eager to please every one and not upset  the establishment . Its a female trait I have seen in many women. Only Margaret Thatcher seemed immune to this trait which is why she  was a great PM and May will be a disaster.. You can't make omelettes without breaking eggs as N Lawson might say.

I am quite sure DD was aware of the problems this wrong decision would create down the line but the more one sees of Hammond and Rudd the more I realise DD was out voted. I fear the consequences of this error will have to be paid out of the till called British interests as the late Alan Clarke used to say. Let us hope it is only our money May gives away at dinner this evening with Juncker & Barnier, Her last dinner in Downing Street with that pair was a disaster. I doubt tonight's will be any more successful but as the Vicar's daughter should know that in the Bible, book of Proverbs  26:1 it says

"As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly"

except in this case its her folly as NiMo might say. 


Stephen Harness said...

Heseltine and Branson seem keen to suggest the population of Vote Leave will die leaving the Remain camp in a majority. I feel totally insulted by these two cronies.
Jezza is keen to vote down a 'no deal' exit suggesting the post-GE world we are now facing leaves May in a very weak position. This a time for strength and vision. I just do not see that in May. We are doomed.

Eric Edmond said...

Aye, its as Pte Frazer used to say in Dad's army you're doomed Mannering man or in this case May bot