Sunday, 15 October 2017

Why are our political elite ashamed of our country

Last time I was in Oz 5 years ago I was struck by how patriotic and proud of their country the Aussies are. Where did we lose our pride?

A  UWE PhD student, one George Maggs seems to me to be on the right track with this post on Conservative Home,


He writes,

When I asked students whether or not we should feel pride in our national story, I was genuinely taken aback by how few of them seemed to know very much at all about our past, and how even less were able to draw any positives from our history.

This is depressing stuff but scarcely surprising. Paddy Ashdown got cross with me when I wrote that he does not know his history but he is not alone amongst the political elite in this respect, indeed it is difficult to name many politicians who do know much UK history. They can all quote Burke and Marx which suits their book but come up short on hard historical facts indeed Paddy had some difficulty in distinguishing fact from a village meeting.

Consider what our political elite have been saying to the media this weekend

First Jezza's confidant McDonnell

The bottom line of his ramblings, boasting of how many negotiations he had done  is that Labour would accept anything the EU offered us rather than walk away.

Then we have she who is called NiMo who used the feminine pronoun to describe a senior cabinet members views. Well only Amber Rudd would fit that bill unless she had been talking to the head girl  TM herself. Very indiscreet NiMo

Where does this chap Guido get all this from?

Chris Grayling spoke some sense and debunked the myth that when we left the EU, UK EU flights would cease.

Project fear is back big time with the Remoaners indeed I doubt it ever went away. Its their one and only tactic as Hammond repeats incessantly lest us peasants forget what might befall us if we dare leave the EU. He has his little helper Booker another purveyor of gloom  in today's DT. No wonder the Tory grass roots want Boris as next leader! He at least has pride in our country.

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