Monday, 9 October 2017

May is Heywood's captive.

Every time May opens her mouth she spouts what Sir Jeremy cover up has told her to say. By agreeing to accept ECJ jurisdiction during transition period she has just given away another of our strongest negotiating cards. The woman goes from one disaster to another.

All the minsters support this because they have future political ambitions in the gift of Heywood. Normally it would be the PM dishing out the jobs but she is so weak that power has devolved down to Heywood who is now clearly running the show.

The only big Tory to speak out against this further cave in is Rees Mogg. Why? He is the only one who does not want anything in Heywood's gift. He wants to be Speaker and that depends on MPs votes alone. Sir Jeremy cannot control backbench MPs the way he can  control wannabe ministers.

Remember Jim Hacker and Sir Humpy. It was all true.

Looks like the mandarinate is running the Brexit show. Delay, postpone, stall. Hope innate caution of ministers allows fudge... its working

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Stephen Harness said...

May did elude to 'no deal' and therefore the real possibility of reverting to the WTO option. JC says move aside and let a real man do the negotiations with Brussels.