Saturday, 7 October 2017

Who really rules Britain?

Quentin Letts is a great columnist. Read what he has to say on the above topic

Quentin articulates in this piece what I have long felt or as he puts it:

How Britain is ruled by patronising b*#*@rds: QUENTIN LETTS names the worst offenders among the People Who Know Best who never tire of telling us what to do and think

"From every side came instruction as to what we must think: about diet, gender, sexuality, race, even the weather, with the TV forecasters telling us to put on sun cream and giving silly names to every incoming squall.

The entire System was at it, badgering us, belittling us, patting us on the head, putting us in our place."

This is all done through our Dr Goebbels BBC. truth is an optional extra for the BBC

Audiences for QT etc are fixed and even more fixed are who is invited on to peddle their drivel. I find it patronising the number of opinionated American women from the murder capital of the world who are in invited on to our TV and paid by us for rubbish. We can make that ourselves. Why then import US garbage?

I have frequent urges to throw things at the TV whenever I hear a female American voice.

We have plenty of stupid opinionated thespians of our own eg 

"Actress Amanda Abbington (she was Dr Watson’s wife in Sherlock on the telly) messaged: ‘Watch the collapse begin. Dark days . . . Where can I move me and my children too (sic)? Where’s nice? Italy? Canada?’ They might have better grammar there, certainly. 
Keira Knightley was foul-mouthed. ‘Stop others f***ing with your future,’ she bleated in a message to yoof. James Corden, who left Britain to present a TV show in California, transmitted from across the water: ‘I’m so sorry to the youth of Britain. I feel you’ve been let down today. x.’"

But the quote i like best from Quentin is

"My wife, a sweet and liberal-minded soul, casually mentioned to a princeling of the Church of England that she intended to vote Leave. He gasped: ‘How could you?’ He might have been less aghast had she admitted to witchcraft."
Meanwhile churches are steadily emptying, mosques are springing up everywhere and our so called religious leaders don't seem to do religion anymore, they prefer Corbynista politics.

Taken from Quentin's new book

"Patronising Bastards: How The Elites Betrayed Britain",


Blind stoat said...

I suppose it might be considered a trifle churlish to point out that Citizen Letts has now produced what is essentially the same book at least three times (albeit with slightly different titles) over the last five years.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes Mr Stoat that's what many authors do, more money for recycling.