Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Whither now Mr Puigdemont & Catalonia

Catalonia is becoming more and more interesting. Mr Puigdemont and senior members of his government are now in Belgium. He has recruited  an outstanding human rights lawyer,Paul Bakaert,  to represent him. M Bakaert has previously represented Basques and Kurds in international courts. Reuters have published an excellent summary of the situation click below to read.


If Mr Puigdemont continues to reside in Belgium but claiming asylum will the Spanish government issue an EAW for his arrest and would the Belgians execute it?

Reuters quote  M Bakert thus:

“I know the Spanish reaction very well. I know their psychology and their mentality,” Bekaert told Reuters at the law office where he met Puigdemont on Monday.

“Spain is using the courts in Spain and in Belgium to make political statements,” he said. “You cannot use courts in Belgium or in Spain for politics. And that’s the case in Spain.”

Belgium was up to 1800 a Spanish colony as part of the Spanish Netherlands. Belgians have long memories despite Juncker and may not want to do Spain any favours in this matter.

Watch this space and lets see the EU cock things up. The Catalans are fighting our battle as well.

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