Saturday, 4 November 2017

Dangers of the European Arrrest Warrant

Jailing people for political offences was something we got rid of hundreds of years ago. Jailing democratically elected representatives as Spanish judges have done is even worse. The EAW was promoted by the moronic Clegg and the Lib Dems as an essential to fight organised crime. It may help in that if it is properly used but it is not essential. Extradition can happen without EAW it may take longer but justice comes first. That the EAW does not require  a  prima facie requirement  of evidence against the accused is counter to all justice. It equates to extraditing on allegation something our MPs are suffering from  and complaining about right now.

Spanish politicians know their judicial system is highly politicised to the extent of being corrupt. All legal systems are corrupt to a greater or lesser extent. The Spanish system may be better than some in the Balkans but it is certainly not up to UK standards which themselves are not perfect.

It suits our rabidly Europhile politicians to pretend all EU jurisdictions are of equal probity. This is of course untrue and it is why we must remove ourselves from the jurisdiction of the ECJ

EU law is drafted to allow judges a wide latitude of interpretation. As one Eurocrat once said to me this enables us to interpret the law. generously  for our friends and apply it rigorously to our enemies,
,that's you and me.

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Stephen Harness said...

The brown envelope is king in Spain.