Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Double Standards and hypocrisy rule in our media

As I write Ms Patel seems to be slow roasted on the spit of our stainless media over the BBC hell fire. But what off Clegg,Adonis and Clarke who went across to Brussels to advise the EU on how to rob our country of a huge amount of money via their unsubstantiated financial demands. Not a  word of criticism of them!

The Israeli army, like the British army will attempt to deliver humanitarian aid where it can direct to those in need. The bien pensants of the FCO prefer to let lucrative contracts to London based "consultants" who never go near those in need. Its a funny old world.

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Stephen Harness said...

Good points but it looks like she should have cleared her meetings beforehand. David Cameron has left a foreign aide legacy that government is afraid to abandon. Jacob Rees-Mogg looks to be the only sensible politician left. Simon Stevens NHS boss wants his Brexit money but ignores the foreign aide 0.7% of GDP we borrow to give away.