Monday, 13 November 2017

We need to have open primary selection of parliamentary candidates

We are in the mess we are in because of the generations of party hacks that have been foisted on us by tiny part selection committees. When elected they get puffed up with their own importance that far exceeds their tiny ability. They say people get the government they deserve but what did the ordinary decent people of the  UK do to deserve Soubry and Dent Coad? Both were produced by a self serving corrupt party system. They claim they were elected by the people but in truth they were selected by a handful of party apparatchiks.

If we want to live under a proper democracy we have to go to primary selection of MPs and many more binding referendums. If Soubry and Coad don't like it they are free to resign.


Niall Warry said...

The Harrogate Agenda's six demands cover both your points :-)

Eric Edmond said...

I thank you from warm Tenerife Major