Wednesday, 15 November 2017

EU and its UK 5th columnists will play their usual long game to sabotage Brexit

It is an open admission by Soubry and her ilk that all their parliamentary antics are aimed at slowing down and eventually stopping Brexit. In this they will be aided by Labour who will do anything to get back into power. Getting Corbyn into Downing Street is all that matters to them. Ordinary working people are expendable. Now that is a real Marxist principle!

Thanks to Tory incompetence they may well succeed in these aims.If this fails the EU have a longer.more subtle plan using EU citizens resident in the UK as its pawns. The EU does not give a fig about their human rights. That is just a convenient smokescreen. The EU  will try to exploit these peoples as moles. They will provide the EU and Polly Toynbee with an unending flow of excuses to beat our government with.

Theresa May has already made a very fair offer to those from the EU working in our country but the EU want so much more. They should have the right to bring in their relatives yea unto the 10th generation as it says in the Bible. These 'rights' would of course have to be overseen by the ECJ for the next hundred years. This must not be allowed. The EU will use its usual salami slicing, thin end of the wedge, tactics supported by the BBC and the other usual suspects. So beware what rights we give to those useful fools.

This has to be met full on and stopped. No FCO fudge! The jurisdiction of the ECJ must stop at Calais even if a whole army of bewigged fools say otherwise. Once you have paid the Danegeld you will never be rid of the EU. Once the EU has its Franco Prussian army those EU countries that remember how their countries were trashed by Napoleon and Hitler will rise up against the EU and plead for the Brits to come back. \Thar will be a difficult plea to answer worthy of a full editorial in the Guardian. I hope Putin beats them to the punch.

End of bottle of Canarian red. Must go and get another.

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